Monday, 29 August 2011

Update on Eat Stop Eat ( End of week 1 )

I am very pleased to bring you such GREAT results on a Monday morning. Not only has my OxyELITE subject done extremely well but so has my "Eat Stop Eat" subject!
Here are her results after just ONE WEEK of being on Eat Stop Eat

1.5kg's down and a loss of 8cm
Current weight = 68.6kg
CONGRATS!!! Keep up the GREAT work :-) I look forward to seeing ongoing results in the future...Stay tuned for NEXT week's update. 

Shoulders:          100cm   (-0.0cm)
Bust:                      92cm     (-0.0cm)
Waist:                   70cm     (-2.0cm)
Biceps:                  31.5cm (-0.5cm)
Hips:                      97.5cm  (-1.5cm)
Upper Thigh:      57.5cm (-0.5cm)
Lower Thigh:      44cm     (-1.0cm)
Calf:                       37,5cm  (-0.0cm)
Stomach:             84cm     (-3.0cm) 

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