Sunday, 4 September 2011

Eat Stop Eat (Intermittent Fasting) End of week 2

"I know that my mood should not be governed by the scale...But it's going to be an AWESOME day" 

Weight loss in the last 2 weeks = 2.2kg & a total of 13cm
Weight:                67.9kg   (-0.7kg)

Shoulders:          99.0cm  (-1.0cm)
Bust:                      92.0cm  (-0.0cm)
Biceps:                  31.5cm  (-0.0cm)
Forearms:           26.0cm  (-0.0cm)
Navel:                   69.5cm  (-0.5cm)
Stomach:             83.5cm  (-0.5cm)
Hips:                      96.5cm  (-1.0cm)
Lower Thigh:      43.5cm  (-0.5cm)
Upper Thigh:      56.5cm  (-1.0cm)
Calves:                  37.0cm  (-0.5cm)

Total loss of 5cms… a total of 13cm in 2 weeks!

I find myself looking so forward to Monday mornings because i get to blog about such GREAT results :-) I'm very impressed. Keep up the Good work. I'm also VERY pleased to announce that this is the lightest she has weighed in 10 years :-) WELL DONE!!! 

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