Monday, 12 September 2011

Eat Stop Eat Week 3

WOW! What can I say...another great week for her on Eat Stop Eat. I think i finally found something that works & works WELL. I must stress that it is NOT a DIET but a lifestyle change. I would suggest it to anyone who wants to lose weight & be healthy.

"Here are the stats for last week....& they are pretty impressive even if I have to say so myself"

Weight 66.4kg

Shoulder 97cm (-2cm)
Bust  91cm (-1cm)
Biceps 31.5cm (0cm)
Forearms 25.5cm (-.5cm)
Navel 68cm (-1.5cm)
Stomach 83cm (-.5cm)
Hips 94.5cm (-2cm)
Lower thigh 43.4cm (0cm)
Upper thigh 56.5cm (0cm)
Calves 37cm (0cm)

Total Weight loss is 3.7kg's and another 7.5cm down. Total cm loss is 22cm!

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