Thursday, 28 April 2011

Winter is here...What are you doing to keep the waist measurements down?

Winter is here and most people go into hibernation this time of year. Most tend to neglect exercise, they eat more because the body requires heat to function properly & food is a good source for generating heat. September comes along & everyone is trying hard to get back into shape ahead of summer. Exercise is not a summer "thing" or a 3 month crash course. Exercise is a lifestyle change. It is something you do throughout the year, providing you health allows you to.

Today i had an awesome back workout, followed by some core strength exercises.
Now I'lI go through what my eating plan is like for today :-)

6am Pronutro mixed with jungle oatbran with fat free milk
1 glass of orange juice (watered down)
1 clove of garlic
1 viral gaurd caplet (Essential this time of yr)

8am snack time - 1 medium size green apple & a glass of water

9am Whey protein shake (Very important to take whey before exercise)
 Training - water during training

11am Whey protein shake

12:30 Lunch - 2 hard boiled eggs with a handful of oven baked chips

2pm snack time - crackers with cheese ( No yellow cheese)

4pm Pure protein shake & fruit

Supper between 5:30pm - 6pm lots of veggies for supper

Supper is my LAST meal of the day. If I feel a tad hungry, I would either have a slow release protein before bedtime or a very lite snack (a cracker or two) but nothing heavy like a full meal.

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