Saturday, 23 April 2011

Two Oceans 23 April 2011

Two Oceans has come and gone very quickly. I posted in my earlier blog that i was going to run the 21km with Greame and that his goal was to run a sub 2 hour Oceans. On the day a Chris joined us. Chris has had a couple of hill sessions with us, but did not put in as much distance as he would have liked to.

It was really FUN running with these 2 "characters". Most of the time i Physically Race each race i do & i don't get the time to soak up the atmosphere or see any of the awesome chanting spectators allongside the road. This time i decided to run with Graeme & Chris & it was a totally new experience for me. I had time to laugh, crack a joke with the guys & even stop along the road to take a pee LOL. These are things i would never even consider when running a race.

So you want to know if Graeme ran sub 2 hours? Nah he didn't, but he did run 6 min faster than he's last two oceans. Chris also ran a personal best (PB) and we all finished in 2hr3min :-)
Well done guys, i'm proud of you. You guys made my race special :-)



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