Sunday, 17 April 2011

About Myself

I'm not going to sit hear & write about how overweight i was as a kid & turned my life around :-) cause that's not what happened.

I've been involved in sport all my life & as far back as i can remember. My mom never wanted me to play football. She kept saying that i was too young. I kept asking myself, "how old do I have to be to play football?" One day i just decided to tag along with the boys who already belonged to a football club & I had a bit of a practice with them. It turned out that i did quite well & was not too young after all :-) The next step was to sneak out of the house on a Saturday morning to play club football for this team that I have signed up for without my mom knowing. All i needed was white shorts. They supplied me with a pair of second hand boots, club jersey & socks.

A whole season went by & mom did not know i was playing football. At the end of that season i arrived home with a certificate...yes u guessed it, Player of the season. I had scored an average of 2 - 3 goals per game lol & this is where it all started for me.

At school i started athletics at the age of 8yrs. The 100m dash was my speciality and 2 yrs later i was the Fastest in the entire school. Beating the kids 2 grades ahead of me. Unfortunately i grew up in the Apartheid regime so my athletics was not going to go anywhere. I still enjoyed myself nevertheless :-)

I've never been well built. The well built "Me" started after i completed my studies in Personal Fitness Training. I also have a Degree in Industrial Psychology. I know what you thinking...Industrial Psychology...Personal Trainer...??? Two worlds apart lol But ever since I've become a Personal Trainer i could never see myself going back to the field of Industrial Psychology. I have to say though, it does help me a lot in understanding people when i train them. What makes them tick, how i should handle them, what they are feeling on a certain day etc & i feel that gives me a kind of edge over some Trainers :-)

I gained most of my VALUABLE knowledge at the Sports Science Institute of S.A. I worked there for 2 yrs under the guidance of the Health & Fitness manager, Kathy Mcquaide. Working there was probably the best thing that could happen to me. I mixed with some top class professionals and they taught me a lot of what i know today. THX SSISA :-)

Today i operate a Walk/Run health program twice a week for women. I also work from home, where i have a Personal Training Studio. It's not big but it's so awesome & cosy & all my clients love the personal attention. I lead a very well balanced life...not too much exercise & not too much of staying out late.

I run marathons & use to do triathlons. These days i run to stay fit. I'll do the odd race but not as hectic as i use to be. Balance remember!!! :-) I also love being in gym with weights and my TRX (Total Resistance Exercise)

I thinks that's about enough of meeeee....I'm off to train! catch you people on the flips side.

"Where the mind goes, the body follows"


  1. I know I'm only a student at present, but I hope to be as passionate as you are about training one day!! Thank you for your motivation, inspiration and dedication!! You ROCK!!

  2. It's only a pleasure :-) Keep at it & you'll be there shortly.