Monday, 9 May 2011

Update to my supplement blog

Hey guys!

I'm sure some of you know that i buy all my supplements at Pick n Pay. My buddy Ivor Mathews owns the supplement section in all the Pick n Pays Country wide & he always supplies me with the best products at the best prices and also gives great advice and will not sell you anything you don't need. He even slashes Dischem's prices.

In an earlier blog i spoke about some of the Top brands & how only sponsored athletes could afford to take a product like Muscle Tech. Well I've got good news for everyone :-) Ivor has brought in a new range of Muscle Tech called Six Star Pro Nutrition at a fraction of the price. To give you an eg The old NaNO X9 use to cost about R900...They now have the exact same product called NO Fury which costs R179.

So I'm happy to say that i have already bought this product and delighted that "we" as the ordinary people in gym can also now take TOP CLASS Supplements like the Pro Athletes at a Very affordable price.

Happy Training :-)


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