Sunday, 15 May 2011

Magazine Articles

Various fitness magazines has loads of exercise programs in them which leads you to believe that you should be doing those exercises to lose weight, look good, get a six pack etc

Most of those programs were not designed for the average person. I'll give you an example... Can the average person do 10 pull ups on a bar? Can the average person do a 20min run? Can the average person just start doing Plyometrics? The answer to all 3 questions are No!

It's great to read these programs and to get some sort of motivation from them, but when you start with any form of exercise...(& I've said this 100 times before), seek some professional help before embarking on any exercise program.

Also remember, we are never going to look like those models they use in the magazines. When we read those artilcle's & we look at how great the person looks who's doing those exercises, we kinda inspire to look like that & that is our first mistake...which just leads to us FAILING hopelessly.

If your are 30 years old, you will never look like 20 ever again in your life. So set your goals a bit differently. Say, I want to exercise to feel good, be healthy, lose 10 kilo's etc Right it all down and keep it next to your bed so you can look at it every night before you go to bed & every morning when you wake up. Looking at it every day (twice a day) will reinforce you goals and keep you on track.

So reading those fitness articles are cool & inspirational, but remember that they were not all designed for YOU!

Have a Great day...& keep In Shape :-)

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