Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Green Tea

What's the whole fuss about fat burners? So many people take fat burners when all you need to drink is green tea. The main ingredient in most or all fat burners is Green Tea. Instead of spending lots of money on fat burners, drink green tea 3 times a day. 1 glass after breakfast, 1 after lunch and 1 after supper. I've used it before and it works like a charm.  

You could go a step further & make your Green Tea really exciting & spice it up a bit by adding slices of lemon, orange, mint leaves (bruise the mint leaves a bit before putting them in) and a little bit of honey.

Even better yet, put it into the fridge & make it an Ice Tea for a delicious summer drink :-)


  1. I had no idea, but I started drinking green tea a few days ago. I'm quite obsessed with it now. #win

  2. :-) Good on you K :-) Don't try and drink too much ok! 3 times a day is more than enough :-)