Monday, 2 May 2011


Over the years as a Personal Trainer I've seen many people overtrain & i just don't seem to understand why exactly people overtrain. Is it an obsession & if so, an obsession to look good? Is it the "high" during & after exercise that makes one feel good? What is overtraining?

Over training is a Physical & Emotional condition that occurs when an individuals exercise volume totally exceeds their recovery rate or capacity.

So why do people overtrain? Most of us believe More is Better. Others have an addictive personality & get hooked very easily because of the Endorphin rush which is related to exercise. Endorphins is a chemical released by the brain when one exercises. Hence one has that "Feel Good" feeling.

 Over training is very common amongst people who lift weights. Runner's also easily fall into this overtraining category because they never feel they've done enough distance before a marathon. So they end up doing too much mileage.

Improvements in strength and fitness occur only after the rest period following hard training. This process may take a number of days to complete, depending on the Intensity & duration of exercise which may lead to and overtrained state.

Overtraining Symptoms

  • Persistent muscle soreness (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

  • Persistent fatigue

  • Elevated resting heart rate

  • Reduced heart rate variability

  • Increased susceptibility to infections

  • Increased incidence of injuries

  • Irritability

  • Depression

  • Mental breakdown

  • Then there is the Physiological effects of overtraining: Decreased muscle strength, Chronic muscle soreness, Depressed immune system which leads to constant infections, flu & colds, Insomnia etc

    Treating Overtraining
    Take a break from exercise and allow your body to recover properly
    Reduce your training intensity
    Get lots of sleep
    If you training hard, allow rest DAYS in between

    Training "Smartly & Wisely" is the way to go. You will reach remarkable goals & results if you only trained Smartly. The question i always ask all my clients..."Are you a professional athlete?" If the answer is No, then don't try & train like one.

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