Monday, 2 June 2014

10 Easy Ways To Looking Great!!!


1) Eat smaller portions - Most of us eat too much. You should feel like you can eat more after your meal, But DON'T!

2) Eat more frequently - Try & eat every 2 hrs (snack)

3) Distinguish between Hunger & Thirst - Most of us eat when we are thirsty

4) Make 'Wise Choices' when choosing foods

5) Start with a proper exercise program - get professional advice - it's worth it

6) Get enough sleep - That's the time your body recuperates & the earlier you go to bed, the less chance there is of late night eating

7) Have a Protein for breakfast - Pronutro is so.... 'Yesterday'

8) Supplements - Only purchase a good quality sports supplement IF & When you are serious about your health

9) Set Goals - Without goals you are not going anywhere

10) Persevere You will eventually find your 'Groove' & what works for You!

NB There are thousands of books out there about 'How to lose weight' - each author with his or her own 'scientific' evidence of what 'works'
The common factor in all of these books is that you need to change your lifestyle - exercise & eat healthier!

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