Friday, 3 August 2012

Woman and Health (Osteoporosis)

10 Facts about Osteoporosis

Throughout your life, you constantly lose old bone and form new bone. As a teenager and young adult, your body makes more bone than it loses, but with age, bone production drops off and bone loss increases, putting you at greater risk for Osteoporosis.

1. A broken bone could mean you already have Osteoporosis. Most people just assume that a broken bone is due  to trauma and don't realise that your bone could have been weakened prior to the trauma.

2. Having diabetes raises your risk for Osteoporosis.

3. Being thin also raises your risk of Osteoporosis. Having a small frame means you have bones that are less dense and more vulnerable to Osteoporosis.

4. Not getting enough calcium put your bones at risk.

5. A lack of Vitamin D also puts you at risk. Vitamin D is very important for bone health because it helps bone absorb calcium.

6. Some medications you take may hurt your bones. Antidepressants, corticosteroids and proton pump inhibitors can put your bones under enormous stress.

7 After menopause your risk increases.

8. A bone density test can help detect bone loss.

9. Weight bearing exercises helps increases your bone density. (walking, weight training etc)

10. Not everyone who has Osteoporosis needs medication. Often lifestyle change can help increase your bone density.

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