Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Muscle Building Exercise

How to get your muscles FIRING on all FIBRES!

Try this simple but effective training session. This can be done ONLY once a week & your body will require sufficient rest after this session. So try and do this type of workout towards the end of the week. You could do the entire body in one session if you really wanted to. Personally, I prefer to do certain muscle groups. Four to five muscles in the session...

How it works:
You will work each muscle group for a total time of 5 minutes without a break.
Here's an example... Chest - Bench press 10 reps, Peck flys 10 reps, TRX chest press 10 reps, Push ups 10 reps. Repeat that sequence twice, & that should take you up to 5 minutes.

Now do the same with Biceps - barbell curls 10 reps, dumbell curls 10 reps, TRX curls 10 reps, Preacher curls on the gym ball 10 reps, Dumbell pulses 10 reps. Repeat!

Same for your Triceps and shoulders or which ever muscle group you wish to work. This type of workout will also get your Heart Rate raised quite a bit. Remember to take a break after you have completed a muscle group. (2 min break)


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